A third party event is defined as one where:

  • The event is planned and organized by an outside party
  • The revenue raised minus expenses is designated to Start2Finish
  • Start2Finish’s name is only used in advertising to state the charity as the designated recipient of the event proceeds
  • Start2Finish staff involvement is minimal
  • Start2Finish does not issue tax receipts other than for donations made payable directly to Start2Finish*

Frequently asked questions about third party fundraising events:

Q:  I have an event idea but need help pulling it together?

A: Start2Finish has many ideas to assist groups in organizing third party fundraising events. From how to pick a date, to what type of venue you require, to how to manage your finances, our Fundraising Manager will be able to help you get started in planning your event.

Once you have decided that you would like to host a fundraising event for Start2Finish, we ask that you please fill out our Event Proposal Form. Once we receive your form, we will review your event and get back to you within 7-10 business days.


Q: I heard about an event.  Where is it and how do I partake in it?

A: Please visit our Media & Events page to find out about the events that are happening at Start2Finish.  If you are not able to find the information you are looking for, please contact the Start2Finish head office at 1-888-320-8844 orinfo@start2finishonline.org.


Q: Can you mail our event information out to your donors?

A: Unfortunately, Start2Finish cannot mail event information out to our existing donors.


Q: Can you find sponsors for our event?

A: Start2Finish can work with you to help you brainstorm about appropriate sponsors for your event, but we cannot approach corporations for you.   We are happy to provide a sample sponsorship package for approved events for your reference.   This information is available to groups who have completed their Event Proposal Form and been given approval.


Q: Can you promote our event for us?

A: Start2Finish can promote your event on our Media & Events page and through our social networking sites.


Q: Can you get media to come out for our event? Can you put out a press release for us?

A: Unfortunately, Start2Finish cannot promote or generate publicity for your event.   However, we can help you with your press release for your event. This information is available to you once you’ve submitted your event proposal form and received approval.


Q: Can you help us find a venue for our event?

A: Unfortunately, Start2Finish cannot help source an event venue for you.


Q: Can you help us find a venue for our event?

A: Start2Finish, unfortunately,  cannot help source an event venue for you.


Q: Can you forward me some money to pay for my event expenses?

A: Unfortunately Start2Finish cannot make an up-front payment to cover your event expenses.


Q: How much do I need to raise for Start2Finish?

A: At Start2Finish we try to ensure that a minimum of three times our expenses are returned in revenue, or a ratio of 3:1 (ie: If the expense is $500.00, we expect to raise a minimum of $1,500.00).  It is our expectation that all third party event organizers will uphold this as a minimum standard as well when raising funds on our behalf.


Q: Can you issue tax receipts for my event?

A: Start2Finish is proud to be a leader in fundraising in Canada and is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is also important to protecting our charitable status. It is very important that you understand the rules about tax receipts BEFORE you plan your event.   We are happy to discuss tax receipting options and requirements once your event is approved, and prior to its execution.


Q: Can we have your logo to put on our event material?

A: Once your event is approved we will provide you with our logo if your fundraising goal is over $5,000.  If it is below that amount, you are more than welcome to use the Start2Finish name on your event material.  Please be aware that all of your materials will need to be approved before distribution. The Start2Finish logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used without the permission of the agency.


Q: I would like to fundraise in the workplace.  How can I get started?

A: Workplace fundraising is a positive, rewarding and fun way to motivate and further engage employees in an organization. Through workplace fundraising, your organization will help Start2Finish further our vision of“eradicating childhood poverty in Canada,” and will provide your fellow employees with an enriching experience.   We are happy to discuss ideas on successful workplace campaigns.


Q: I would like to donate merchandise to a fundraising event and get a tax receipt.

A: We would be pleased to accept donations of merchandise once they have been approved by Start2Finish. Once we have received the item and you have provided us with the cost of the item, we will issue a gift-in-kind letter to you.  Businesses can deduct the original cost of the inventory as a business expense.  The Start2Finish gift-in-kind letter can be used to verify the write-off of the item.


Q: How are you going to recognize me for hosting an event?

A: Start2Finish recognizes groups hosting events in a variety of different ways including thank you letters, certificates, and recognition on our website at certain levels.  Many of our groups feel a great sense of satisfaction when they see their event come to life and are able to raise funds to help thousands of children in communities across Canada by equipping them with vital tools to live healthy, active, lives.


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