Dezirae's Story

Dezirae da Silva - 2018.jpg

'Study like Dezirae' used to be our mantra...

"Dezirae joined our [Running & Reading] club in its early years of inception.  Most of our kids come to us from some very challenging situations, she was no exception.

I saw Dezirae through 4 years of club involvement and then, until her family relocated, a year or more of volunteering as a Junior Coach. Even now with her family living many kilometres away she will volunteer when able.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dezirae for a [Start2Finish] scholarship. There is no question that she would be a very deserving winner.

As a student with us you might recall her winning a Kindle at one of the December club get-togethers in Toronto, and later leading the Cedarbrae team to victory at a York [5K Running & Reading Challenge].  The dedication that she showed then to prepare for the reading challenge and to encourage others to do the same is somewhat legendary in our club. “Study like Dezirae” used to be our mantra.  She truly set a high bar and, on her visits back, we certainly tell the ‘Dezirae story’.

My words for Dezirae would include perseverance, likeable, sincerity, teachable, keen, hard worker, compassionate

Perseverance: She was never the best at anything she did with us, but that never seemed to hinder her, she encountered obstacles and kept moving ahead. When her parents’ marriage broke up we watched her just keep motoring ahead. She always completed the runs/activities and, even after she was too old, she and her dad continue every year to run with our group.

Likeable: She is just that: likeable... when she talks with you she is all there and has a charming manner.

Sincere: I trust her. She means what she says, and makes the effort to follow through.

Teachable: Once again she has never been the most naturally talented, but she loves to learn, asks great questions and seems to apply what she hears.

Keen: It’s unfortunate that her family moved away because I think she would be one of our most prized helpers these days. And yet whenever she has a chance she helps, and will frequently enquire as to the latest club news.

Hard worker: Dezirae, even as a young child, has never shied away from hard work, at least in our context she hasn’t. A job given is a job completed.

Compassionate: I have watched her care for others whether that is a friend or a younger person struggling. She is able to empathize and willing to get involved and help.

I will stop here. I urge you to consider Dezirae for your scholarship fund. She would truly be a very worthy recipient. Please contact me if you require further information."


~ Jeremy, Running & Reading Club Director, Waterloo

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