150 Canada Tulips

The 150 Canada Tulip has been said to represent gratitude and long-standing friendship.  

THANK YOU for your continued friendship and commitment to helping provide Canada’s children with the building blocks to graduate and succeed!


How to Plant Your 150 Canada Tulips Outdoors

150 pic  1.png

There is a special reason to plant tulip bulbs this year: to celebrate. A new tulip has been developed by the Dutch to help Canadians celebrate our 150th anniversary next year: The Canada 150. And it is amazing.

A classic Triumph, this tulip features vertical red and white markings that are reminiscent of the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill.  

Once you have your Canada 150 tulip bulbs, it’s time to get planting. Tulips should be planted about six to eight weeks before hard ground frost. They are generally best planted in October or November.

When planting the bulb, ensure you choose an area that receives minimum six hours of sunshine.  Tulips perform best in sandy, well-drained soil. I like to add 2 cm of sand to the bottom of the planting hole. Plant the bulbs at least six inches or 15 cm deep and at least 2.5 cm or one inch apart.

Water your tulips thoroughly immediately after planting. If squirrels are a problem, here are some tactics that can work:

    After you plant a group of tulip bulbs, place chicken wire over the top of the bulbs as a physical deterrent.  

    While planting, apply a Predator Animal Barrier directly to the bulb. One shot will provide a shocking taste that repels squirrels and other rodents.

Plant deep. All bulbs perform best in well-drained soil. If yours is sufficiently well drained you can plant tulips deeper than the recommended “three times as deep as the bulb is thick.”

Squirrels can just get tired of digging for them.  

Your tulips will bloom between March & May.